Papers given at historical conferences tend to express concepts in a more direct manner than when they are revised and published. Some of the papers are not revised and published, although they may be used in some form in published works. Here are examples of papers that Di Scala has given at historical conferences that have not been published. Reproduction of these works, in whole or in part, without written permission, is strictly prohibited. Send permission inquiries to Spencer M. Di Scala.

“The Course of Italian Reformism, 1890 – 1924” (Jul 2014) [Read]

“One Hundred fifty Years: Reflections on Italian Unity” (May 2011) [Read]

“Written out of History: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, the First World War, and the Rise of Fascism” (April 2011) [Read]

“The Left and the Rise of Terrorism in Italy: Gli Anni di Piombo” (Mar 2011) [Read]

“Strange Weapon: Past and Future of the Atomic Bomb” (Mar 2011) [Read]

“Una rivoluzione mancata: il riformismo di Filippo Turati” (Mar 2011) [Read]

“Vittorio Emanuele Orlando” (Jun 2010) [Read]

“Vittorio Emanuele Orlando e la politica internazionale: la Guerra, la Pace e il Fascismo” (May 2010) [Read]

“Anatomia delle Brigate Rosse” (Dec 2009) [Read]

“Preface for Alessandro Orsini” (Sep 2009) [Read]

“Legends, Lies, and Historiography: Italy, the Great War, and the Paris Peace Conference” (Jan 2009) [Read]

“Salvemini in America” (Dec 2007) [Read]

“Schlesinger” (Mar 2007) [Read]

“Il Secolo di Mazzini” (Oct 2006) [Read]

“Workings of the Italian Electoral System” (Apr 2006) [Read]

“Memoria del fascismo dopo il fascismo” (Feb 2006) [Read]

“The Two Hundredth Anniversary of Giuseppe Mazzini’s Birth” (Oct 2005) [Read]

“Birth of the Italian Republic: Nenni, Togliatti, De Gasperi” (Jun 2005) [Read]

“Comeback: Will the Twenty-First be Mazzini’s Century?” (Jun 2005) [Read]

“Intervista Spencer Di Scala” (Jun 2005) [Read]

“Bettino Craxi and the Normalization of Italian Politics: Challenging the PCI and Reorienting Foreign Policy” (Jan 2005) [Read]

“I socialisti italiani visti dall’America: Nascita del Centro Sinistra” (Jan 2005) [Read]

“The 2004 U.S. Election” (2004) [Read]

“Enrico Fermi: A Twentieth Century Life” (Sep 2001) [Read]

“The Road to Fascism: The Decline of Liberal Italy, 1900-1915” (Spring 1993) [Read]

“Italy’s Bloodless Revolution” (Dec 1993) [Read]

“Continuity in Change: The Parallel Revolution of the PSI and the PCI” (Apr 1982) [Read]

“Popular Discontent and the Rise of Socialism” (Apr 1989) [Read]

“Citizens and Bureaucrats in the United States and Italy: A Modest Proposal” [Read]